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Trade Deadline Preview

We are less than 24 hours away from the NZHL Trade deadline and we have seen some activity but nothing popping off yet. This is the last chance for teams to stack up for a long playoff run or help make a big playoff push. I am your boy Sandin and I will be going through every team and mentioning players who could be on the move and what teams maybe should be looking to do before 11:59 pm PT tonight. So sit back and enjoy our special trade deadline edition of the Transaction report. 

1st Place: Area 51 – 29 pts (14-3-1)

It is hard to really say who could be on the move from a team who has the best record in the league but I would not doubt that Hoots and Shotsy have been working the phones however. G00N is a guy that interests me a little as someone who could be on the table in discussions. There are teams who could use a player like G00N who can play defense and center. It will be hard for this team to move a guy who has been very reliable and is a solid defensive minded skater who can put up points as well and find a guy who is as valuable as G00N. Another question mark for the Aliens is the goaltending. Master Shotgun is a part time player so Sandin would have to take the major bulk of the starts in net for the playoffs. Is Sandin the guy that can backstop you to the cup?. It will be hard to find another option in net without taking from your roster so personally in my opinion they could surprise us but I will be shocked if the Aliens make a trade by March 22 11:59 pm PT. 

2nd Place: Dumpstars – 27 pts (13-4-1)

The Dumpstars are one of the hottest teams in the league right now separating themselves from the rest of the pack and sit 2 points behind Area 51. The Stars have already made a big splash by trading for Elmer who has 15 points in 4 games played for them already. Not really sure who would be on the move here but maybe a guy like Chazz who is PT and has only played 5 games for the club. Maybe they move Chazz for a more FT depth guy just to be safe knowing the bad luck that Seid effect has had with availability in the past. Personally I do not see this team making a move by the deadline as well. 3 goalies will be interesting come playoff time but one is part time at least. 

3rd Place: Charlestown Chiefs – 20 pts (9-7-2)

The Chiefs are only 5 points back of being out of the playoffs so that is how close the rest of the pack is with each other. The Chiefs only have 9 skaters on the squad and they all seem to be a tight group so moving one of their guys seems unlikely. Not really sure what the story is with their one goaltender in Drai but it sounded like he quit on the team in a game. Not sure if things have been patched up or they are looking for another goalie. The Chiefs need a defender plain and simple. This team has the ability to score goals no doubt but their inability to keep teams off the board could be a problem in the playoffs. The Chiefs must be on the phone trying to add a defenseman but I really do not know what they are willing to trade away to get one.

4th Place: Tottenham Trucks – 19 pts (9-8-1)

Here is a team that should be looking to make a move or two. The Trucks are falling into a bad place right now and need a wake up call. Bruin and Flare have struggled to produce at the center position and this team will not go far if they hope that their 2 wingers will do all the offense. This team should be exploring any type of option at Center and maybe add another defenseman. Pens is their full time goalie as well and he has not won a game in his last 8 starts. Not the thing you wanna see when you are going to rely on him in the playoffs. I see the Trucks being active by the trade deadline as it would be hard to see this team going deep with the roster they have now.

5th Place: Average Joes – 19 pts (9-8-1)

The Joes are a team that has been in the rumor mill for quite some time now. Stories of their 1st round pick star Brandon apparently wanting to be traded has been circling. Not sure how much of this is true to be honest. The Joe’s biggest problem is depth outside their top lineup. The secondary skaters of this team just do not produce or win much and that will cause a hurdle come the postseason. At this point if I am Gators I take a flier on any new face you can add as a depth player. Even if the rumors are true I do not see Brandon getting moved by the deadline for the fact of what they would get back that would not disrupt how well that top line has played. If the Joes are going into the playoffs as a 1 line team I wish them all the best of luck.

6th Place: Mud Dogs – 18 pts (8-8)

The Dogs have a lot of talent which is why it is surprising to see them as a .500 team. The Dogs earlier today waived Skirata for the fact that Maserati was sacrificing games at center to play at D so Skirata can play at C. Maserati is one of the best two way centermen in this league and needs to be on the dot almost every night. The Dogs now only have 8 skaters so seeing them make a move would be very surprising however they need to find a full time LD. Coherent has played every single game at RD this season and with A Canadian Gamer only being part time they will need another full time reliable guy for the playoffs so Masi does not have to go back to defense. Not sure what the Dogs are looking to acquire but getting a LD should be their main objective.

7th Place: Alcohooligans – 17 pts (8-9-1)

Shrimps team has had a very bumpy road to this point. They have struggled to score in a lot of games this season and have made moves already to try and change their fortunes. After trading Toe Dragons away and getting a couple of defenseman and a decent scoring winger, The Alcohooligans followed up by placing their 18 million dollar man on waivers in Coach. Clearly there was tension heating between the team and the 2 skaters which led to them not on the roster anymore. Now coach sits on waivers and now if the team was wanting to call him back up; they are unable to if at some point the hatchet got buried. Skirata was claimed off waivers and will take over that center position the rest of the way. I can not see this team making any more moves by the deadline. I do like how this team looks on paper after all the moves though. 

8th Place: Memphis Make a Wish – 16 pts (7-9-2)

Okay if this team goes past the deadline without making another move I will be shocked lol. By far the most active team this season on the trade market. Memphis roster completely looks different compared to draft day. With all the jokes aside they made big splashes acquiring the biggest fish you could on the market. Mynt was also another good addition as well. Pizzle has struggled with the club so far. Mikey and Rak really need to get this ship turned around because if the same problems continue once the puck is dropped again there will be no option of trading anymore.  

9th Place: Smokin Beerz – 15 pts (7-9-1)

Nicky made a very bold move shipping out Shieldzzzy and getting defenders back but for the first week it paid off. The Beerz are only a point back of a playoff spot but here is my issue with this team and why they should be active at the deadline. Their top line is all part time, Vengy, Green and Leblanc so even if this team makes the postseason this line can’t single handedly win you a series. Even if you play them the first 2 games in a series and they get you a 2-0 lead, is the rest of your squad gonna be able to get you 2 more wins against let’s say Area 51 or the Dumpstars?.What if they go 0-2 or get a split. It is a very bold take but if I am a captain I have all three of these guys on the table looking to possibly acquire some good full time talent. I am not saying you have to move all three but relying on an entire part time line in the playoffs is very dangerous in my opinion. 

10th Place: Casterly Rock Lions – 12 pts (5-11-2)

Not the season that the entire league envisioned for Ploop and Duckys squad but they have had a lot of bad luck. I don’t see this team selling off pieces as they will fight to the end. They trimmed a lot of this roster down already and my guess is this team will go with a Jhubbs and Dragons pair most nights. The biggest problem for this squad is goaltending as they have been unable to get any consistent netminding at all. If this team is going swinging to the end I have to imagine that Ploop and Ducky are playing every night all the way. Should this team explore making moves? Of course I feel they are weak on the right wing position but what can they trade to add a right winger?.

Hopefully we see some action come the trade deadline on Wednesday night.              

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