The Great 5k Challenge

It was quiet Saturday, Furry had made love to his best gal righty., and some TC dick wrangler made an off the cuff comment. Unfortunately, we had nothing better to do, so go fuck yourself here’s the challenge writeup. Don’t fuck around with a buncha adults who have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon you loose lipped sphincter goblin.

It was an innocuous Saturday afternoon, in the middle of week 2 of all things, and a comment comes across the chirp chat. Ladies and CN, this shit has never been so real so early. I may have tried to catch up on what I missed but one statement stood out among the rest:

From 0 to 60 or 5k if you will. A rando with a inferiority complex comes out like a limp dick Napoleon.  Children!! Children he calls play me for 5k! The sound rang across the channel and all of the lurkers came out to respond:


You won’t pay me 5k for chel… I mean your god damn right I am horse shit but are plenty of people lurking in the shadows who are not horseshit and that is a ballsy statement from a no name cave troll.

Obviously chirping ensued, our little elitist rectum pirate doubles down as one does with:

Now I have no idea what Prime Hockey league is but I can only assume that is a directed insult at someone specific.

The next call out is Shrimp, now I will tear down shrimp for his girlish good looks and a mane that makes Joe Dirt jealous but throwing down real people money on a chel game not so much…

  • Once again “You are”….learn English (unless *you are* French then ignore this)

So now during this dick measuring debacle we start getting serious about dates time and showing bank accounts to which our lil slutty taint blossom begins to distance himself. He has been throwing the challenge to anyone who responds like a French call girl on a cold night but here we be…

Now people ion the chat begin showing that they have the 5k to throw down against this pompous turd canoe and silence. I finally get tagged to join the conversation and begin reading up. Suspiciously enough this twat waffle go code 6 and hasn’t responded. Now I am in… NZHL is in. Where is the 5k!!!

Well ungentlemanly enough our lil shit socket brings lude sex acts to cover his big talk:

At this point you may be confused, as was I. The last 15-20 minutes was all Vxxdii back tracking trying to throw childish insults and non sequiturs to confuse people. I stopped reading and started writing at this point. PLACE and TIME mother fucker.

Where we are at now as of 4:15PM on a Saturday Vxxdii is now throwing down 5k against Shots on a vs match with Furry as the middle man.

Keep an eye out for when Vxxdii get off work, he also has to navigate out of Shotsy head which is a fucking wendigo ass type nightmare on its own.

TONIGHT ( @ some imaginary time, most likely never as I have a feeling Vxxdii aint got no teeth to back up this legendary bark) A NZHL first, playing for real people money:

SHOTSY VS this Trash Ass Boner Blossom

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