Skater Report Cards Week 2

The groups were broken down between primary forward and defense. I used my best judgement because I can. This is completely stat based, and I can only grade on stats entered on the website. Forwards got rewarded more for offensive stats and Defense for more defense stats. The rating is based on distance away from the league average for the week. You get positive points for being above the average and negative points for being below the average. If you are a complete average player across the board your rating will be “0”. The grades then are evaluated to try and level load the ratings so there isn’t 1 A and 1000 Fs because one fucktard ruined for everyone.

Abnormalities as I looked at it Boston dominated takeaways and giveaways having 18 takeaways and 1 giveaway in 2 games. averaging 9 takeaways a game to 0.5 giveaways put him vastly above the average and takeaway/giveaways was a high factored D stat. Also was plus 8 for the week. Mostly messing with factors and weights generally just moved the range rather than reduced the differences. So just going to leave it as Boston had a significantly better stat week then average.

For a little more transparency here was the weekly average stats per position


Using those league averages weights and points were determined and ratings assigned.

1-, bostonsniper4t4ALCD53.73A
2-, l0l iVeRsOn l3lNA5F19.26A
3(R)(PT), Mooseballs04NA5F14.26A
4-, Emb3rToInf3rnoJOED11.42A
5(PT), Gronk x L87LDMPF10.51A
6-, TuggyDougieJOED9.86A
7-, Heisman AwardJOEF9.70A
8-, CashedKUSHNA5F9.51A
9(R), X Brandon VIJOEF9.14A
10-, WhoUsedAllTheTPCCD7.86A
11(R), mini2103SMOD7.86A
12-, Stump12CRLD7.43A
13-, Frosty NightmareMUDF7.39A
14-, The OG BetaCCF6.89B
15-, llG1llMUDF6.64B
16(R) (PT), Leblanc l57lSMOF6.51B
17-, Ghost893MAWD6.38B
18-, R xYATESx77JOEF5.89B
19-, Furry Pujols #11CCD5.72B
20-, Hoots l16lNA5F5.51B
21(R) (PT), JP NastyMUDF5.51B
22(R), Notredam830JOEF5.14B
23(R), Oscar l9lALCF5.14B
24(R), Fall Wolf 24JOEF4.76B
25-, Matthews x94JOED4.73B
26-, Flare x l18lTOTF3.95B
27-, Sandin x38xNA5F3.51B
28-, The PloopCRLF3.39B
29(R), Toe DragonsALCD1.08B
30-, Ricoman66JOEF2.89C
31(R), Nero l67lDMPF2.51C
32(R), FloppyWha1eMeatALCF2.39C
33-, GirouxCCF2.22C
34-, Rubberducky x41CRLF2.07C
35(R), AlphaTangoHotelSMOF1.01C
36-, IGaGootslMUDF0.82C
37(R) (PT), l Vengy lSMOF0.64C
38-, Bo Horvat JrDMPF0.51C
39-, MaseratiGT2016MUDF0.39C
40(R), mjay5664SMOF0.14C
41-, l JakeBuff lALCF0.09C
42-, MJP1502DMPD-0.23C
43(R), Trocity VJOED-0.39C
44-, JHubbs92CRLD-0.89C
45(R), G00NNA5D-1.22C
46-, That 1 Odd GuyNA5D-1.22C
47-, LedvinKaDMPF-1.30D
48-, NickyFattsSMOF-1.49D
49(Boon), NeedBackPackCCF-1.49D
50-, Ders x24xCRLF-1.74D
51-, RakkarakMAWF-2.03D
52(R), Some Fat GezerALCF-2.05D
53(PT), Kibberts77CRLD-2.10D
54-, Huncho MikeyMAWF-2.11D
55(R), SkirataMUDF-2.24D
56-, SeidEffectDMPD-2.41D
57-, Coach015ALCF-2.49D
58-, CN65ALCF-2.57D
59-, Martinez1225TOTD-2.73D
60-, Fullsend3174DMPD-2.99D
61-, Manship x 91CCF-2.99D
62(PT), Th3DisneyTOTD-3.14D
63-, ObifansDMPD-3.83D
64-, Kdb c7MAWF-3.11E
65-, iWantMyTotzSMOF-3.24E
66-, xScaryTerryxxSMOF-3.30E
67(R), MistrBruinTOTF-3.36E
68-, King Purp47MUDF-3.43E
69-, ShieldzyyyySMOF-3.57E
70-, MacShrimpšŸ¦ALCD-4.39E
71-, Turk609TOTD-4.58E
72-, xxJonxMAWF-4.61E
73-, Willis x 97TOTF-4.61E
74(R) (PT), ThexRealxAtrainTOTF-4.86E
75-, Fighta18CCF-5.36E
76(R), Terry l61lCCF-5.93E
77-, lMiller9lTOTF-5.99E
78-, MyntMarsCRLF-5.99E
79(R), ShortyxLOSEALCD-6.52E
80-, Coharent KillerMUDD-6.59E
81-, Kempe 9MAWD-7.28E
82-, vShotsyNA5D-7.35E
84(PT), xG GreenSMOF-7.99F
85(PT), Yuh Perf #91NA5D-8.32F
86(PT), Xlxchaz 19xlxDMPF-8.49F
87(R), Dangski l94lCRLF-9.49F
88-, Thanx goalieMAWF-9.99F
89-, Clarke x 92MAWD-10.39F
90(PT), aCanadianGamerMUDD-10.64F
91-, bootlegersCCD-11.62F
92-, xElmer83ALCD-13.91F

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