Season 11 Playoffs Community Predictions

This post contains the results from the NZHL community poll in both graph and chart form (For the smooth brains that can’t read a graph… I’m looking at you thanx). Linked below this is WhoUsedAllTheTP’s quick look at each series, which includes some stats, as well as his quick notes on each series. Good luck to everyone playing in these series!

Playoff Teams Quick Look

#1 Dumpstars vs #8 Chiefs

4 Games120
5 Games130
6 Games51
7 Games12

#2 Area 51 vs #7 Mud Dogs

GamesArea 51Mud Dogs
4 Games50
5 Games152
6 Games110
7 Games01

#3 Trucks vs #6 Alcohooligans

4 Games31
5 Games90
6 Games78
7 Games33

#4 Make A Wish vs #5 Average Joes

GamesMake A WishAverage Joes
4 Games10
5 Games50
6 Games135
7 Games82

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