NZHL Season 11 mock draft

By Sandin x38x

We are 2 nights away from the very first snake draft in the NZHL and a lot of buzz has been generated with the new system. I must admit this has to be the best group of captains to own a team. With a lot of names that have won and are touted as top players in the league it starts to open the door for new players to to take a step and be given the opportunity in which I believe will be the most level playing field this season. Join me as I try to guess who will go in the first 20 picks and to which team as well. Keep in mind this mock draft reflects only the opinion of myself and will accept and welcome any negative or positive opinions lol.

Round 1

#1) Average Joes will select Shieldzzzy

I had already congratulated Gator on getting 1st overall when announced and getting the best full time player in the draft and he tried to play to me like he might not take him but come on man lol you are not fooling anyone. Only a fool passes on Shieldzzzy in the draft when available. Last season I only had the luxury of playing him 2 games a week, imagine getting to possibly play him every night. Stop the trolling no one is fooled lol.

#2) Smokin’ Beerz will select Giroux

If it wasn’t for Shieldzzy being in the draft Giroux would be #1 but still a great player at #2 and can take over games and make it a tough night for opposing defensemen.

#3) Memphis Make a Wish will select Jhubbs

Listen lots of people will not agree with this but you already have Rak and Mikey who play down the middle. They could easily select a top winger but this is my hill and I will die on it lol. This team will take the best blueliner in the draft as it will be a long time before they get to pick again and who will be left for top d men?

#4) Casterly Rock Lions select Ledvinka

Ploop and Ducky know him, They like him and I think they will welcome him with open arms.

#5) Charlestown Chiefs will select Cashed Kush

Boone and Manny are smart guys and when they see a top C be on the board they will select him without hesitation.

#6) Mud Dogs will select Willis

Masi will need a very good winger to play on his line if he wants to defend the Dogs crown and Willis will be a great addition to the team.

#7) Trucks will select MyntMars

With most of the big names left on the board Mynt is the option here as this team is already locked up on defense and will need to start looking up front.

#8) Alcohooligans will select Toe Dragons

Shrimp has a plan here but he needs to get this guy here with no questions asked or he won’t be on his next pick. Really solid Dman and will be worth 18 million.

#9) Dumpstars select Ders

Rookies and Ders are like Spaghetti and Meatballs and will not take the chance of letting him slip lol.

#10) Area 51 selects Brandon

It was hard to figure out who Hoots and Shotsy would be looking at after having to wait for everyone to pick first. Brandon is a good player and would fit in nice on the ice and start clicking right away in my opinion.

Round 2

#11) Area 51 selects Jpizzle

With not a lot of goalies to choose and a long wait till they select again I believe they take a top goalie off the board and not worry about it rest of the way

#12) Dumpstars select Miller

Need to get players to play with Fullsend and Miller would be a nice addition

#13) Alcohooligans select Coach015

The plan is set Dragons and Coach won a mem together in LG and no doubt this is the strategy for Shrimp and Geezer

#14) Trucks select Mistrbruin

The team needs a C and this is who they go to

#15) Mud Dogs select Yates

Masi loves him and will love to play with him

#16) Charlestown Chiefs select Boston Sniper

Team needs a defenseman. This is a very good stay at home one.

#17) Casterly Rock Lions select WhousedalltheTP

They enjoyed him on the Elephants last season and I think if he is available come this pick he is selected.

#18) Memphis Make a wish selects Sandin 🙂

Mikey wants me on his line; he does not have to deny it we cook haha

#19) Smokin’ Beerz will select Clarke

Team needs a Dman this is the guy.

#20) Joe’s select the OP Squid

No real reason why but he put it on his own mock draft hahaha lol

Well there you have it folks my season 11 mock draft hope you enjoyed reading it. Now I know this could be absolutely wrong but it is fun to guess and hear your opinions so I’m looking forward to it on draft night and good luck to all the players in the draft.

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