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Sandin’s Stars and Doghouse of Week 2

Here we go. I kind of noticed that the stars of the week for last week were kind of meh for my opinion. The graphics and presentation was cool but I feel it was just rushed without any details or time in it. I figured I would make something that is a little different and see how the league accepts it so here is the first edition of my Stars of the Week and my Doghouse.


I based this strictly on just offensive numbers. Some players may be tied in points but might have more games played. I value more offense in less games played.

C) CashedKUSH (Area 51)

Kush played 4 games this week and finished with an average 4.5 points per game. Tallying 5 goals and 13 assists and a +15. Kush also had a 56% faceoff percentage as well. 

LW) Heisman Award (Average Joes)

One of the big performers in the Joes comeback this week. Heisman putting up 18 points in 4 games played with 10 goals on just 19 shots and 2 hat tricks. 

RW) R xYATESx77 (Average Joes)

Another player on the Joes with a big week. 9 goals on 22 shots with 17 points in 4 games also 2 hat tricks.

D) That 1 Odd Guy (Area 51)

Odd guy really stepped up this week with 1 goal and 9 assists in 6 games and a +22. 

D) Fullsend (Dumpstars)

Fullsend only played 2 games on defense but still put up 6 points and a +3.

G) MacShrimp (Alcohooligans)

This is an offensive lineup and Mac is the only goalie to record a point this week so he gets it lol. 


I based this totally on just defensive numbers. +/- does not affect these selections. Wins and losses also do not affect my selections.

C) X Brandon VI (Average Joes) 

Brandon had 22 interceptions with 16 takeaways and 2 blocked shots. The most impressive number is 63% of the 114 draws he took in 6 games. That is a lot of face offs and I would have to think he won a lot of defensive zone faceoffs.

LW) Giroux (Charlestown Chiefs) 

32 interceptions with 22 takeaways and 6 blocked shots it is hard to pick another LW who had better defensive stats 

RW) Huncho Mikey (Memphis Make a Wish)

Not the best week for his team but his numbers should not be ignored with 18 interceptions 14 takeaways and 2 blocked shots in 4 games played.

D) Furry Pujols (Charlestown Chiefs)

For a lot of the jokes that he gets his numbers can not be denied. The only player to finish with more takeaways than giveaways as he had 27 to go with his 47 interceptions and 7 blocked shots. By far the most defensive performer in the whole league this week. Furry now will play for a team who really changed the roster and if they are getting this every week it will be a breath of fresh air.

D) Turk609 (Tottenham Trucks)

Turk is always known in the league as one of the the top dmen in this league so it should not come to a big surprise to see him on a top defensive line for the week. Turk had 23 takeaways with 25 interceptions and 8 blocked shots. 


This is all strictly just for rookies. Gotta give the new people some love.

C) X Brandon VI (Average Joes)

He was praised for his defensive side of his game now lets celebrate his offensive numbers. 6 goals and 9 assists and a +10 in 4 games played.

LW) Mooseballs04 (Area 51)

Moose as a part time rookie had a great week 2 with 7 goals and 4 assists and +11.

RW) JP Nasty (Mud Dogs)

Another part time first timer but a solid 4 goals and 5 assists and a +5.

D) Trocity V (Average Joes)

Not only a rookie but a Captain as well. Trocity has been known as a good player outside of NZHL and his week 2 had him finishing with 1 goal and 7 assists and a +10.

D) Mini2103 (Smokin Beerz)

Only 2 games played but 4 points. Mini has also been traded to a new team and maybe a change of scenery gives him more opportunity. 

G) Keirdust (Tottenham Trucks)

It is a shame this guy is only a part timer because he is a stud. He posted a .941 on the 34 shots he faced and recorded his second shutout of the season. The guy could not only be in the Calder conversation but the Vezina as well.


C) Rakkarak (Memphis Make a Wish)

Rak had a week to forget as he played all 6 games only putting up 9 points but a -17 with only 11 takeaways and low 44% faceoff percentage and going 2-4.

LW) xScaryTerryxx (Smokin Beerz)

It should not be a shock that a player on the last place, Beerz, would end up in the Doghouse. Terry played 4 games even though he had 7 points he was -7 and only 5 takeaways. It is clear that the Beerz do not accept this as they have cut him off the roster. 

RW) lMiller9l (Tottenham Trucks)

A 360 from last week for Miller. Last week one of the top wingers in the league this week in the doghouse. Miller played 4 games and lost all 4 only scoring 5 points and having only 10 takeaways and finishing a -7

D) A Canadian Gamer (Mud Dogs)

Nothing but negative this week for ACG, 2 games played and a -12 with an 0-2 record and no points.

D) Kempe 9 (Memphis Make a Wish)

Kempe had 7 points in 6 games but it does not make up for the fact he was a -16 with 53 giveaways and was 2-4. Kempe will now look to improve on this week with a team who needs better defensive play in the Beerz.

G) iKariya x9

Luckily for Kariya he only played 2 games. The bad thing is he was on pace for 20 goals against if he played 4 games. An awful .524 save percentage and a 4.62 GAA on only 21 shots and a 0-1-1 record. This is not the goaltending the Lions need right now.

Well there it is boys hope you had a good time reading. I felt like making this article to give more people their flowers instead of just 6 players every week. Let me know if this is something that you would enjoy reading in the future. Take care guys.

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