1. Coach015 – Just won Mem in LG

2. xPottle – Someone Sleeper

3. G00N – AHL LG level Center

4. KeiranGW – PT but elite goalie

5. Chazz 19 – PT but elite fwd

6. Tarvk – Ok Dman

7. CUZLN – somone ringer most likely

8. Oettinzyn – plays with elite chel players

9. ThePodz92 – Sleeper

10. Terry L61L – Sleeper

11. Dangski – old solid chel player

12. MistrBruin – ELITE chel player

13.. Dethmaul – Solid G. Can start on any team. Moves well from side to side, He is positionally sound and cuts down the angles
14.. xKillSwitchx665 – Right on Par with Dethmaul. But Dethmaul is more consistent. The only difference is that Kill when he gets hot has a ridiculously high celing, and can carry a team in net
15. Shieldzyyyy– Lethal LW. If Perf signs up you probably want to pair these two. At least thats what I hear!!!
16. Emb3rToInf3rno – Guy is just a great utility guy. He is a above average goalie but also a serviceable Defenseman.
17. R xYATESx77 – I love this guy because he can score, but he can pass and play defense.
18. Stump12 – Solid Defenseman. Hes very good. Doesn’t get enough credit. The only knock would be the breakouts in my opinion
19. pghreaper– Solid Winger. He’s not going to put the world on fire but he will get points and help the team. The beautiful thing about him is you can play him anywhere (edited)

[10:26 AM]