Round 4 NZHL Mock Draft

By Sandin x383

Well as we all know Part-time players are unable to be drafted till Round 4 of the draft. There are a lot of great names that are going to fly off the board once Round 4 hits. Join me as a present to you a mock of the 4th round and who I think goes and to which team. This is just a guess if all teams were to take a PT player. Hope you enjoy.

#1) Area 51 will select Yuh Perf

The best PT player falls right in the lap of Shotsy and Hoots. Imagine having to play against a line that has those 3 on the ice, it is scary. Imagine getting one of the best players who should be 18 million but only paying 5 🙂 even if it is only 2 games a week.

#2) Dumpstars select Kibberts

Solid D man and would be a nice addition to the blueline.

#3) Alcohooligans select xG Green

Another piece in the LG Chicoutimi puzzle, No doubt if this is the strategy for Shrimp Green is gone here.

#4) Tottenham Trucks select Mooseballs

Add more scoring to the team Mosse can do that

#5) Mud Dogs select A Canadian Gamer

Defense wins Championships; they also help to defend them.

#6) Chiefs will select Gronk

Gronk is a solid defenseman even though he signed up to play wing. Either way Manny and Boone will welcome him

#7) Casterly Rock Lions select ReimerP

This seems like a Ploop and Ducky pick to me lol

#8) Memphis make a wish select Disney

Need another Dman Disney isn’t elite at all but he is solid and can do the job.

#9) Smokin’ Beerz select CrazyGecko

Not sure if they have a goalie picked by then but this is probably the best PT one in the draft.

#10) Joe’s select Master Shotgun

More known for a goalie but can play Center, good guy to get to give Gator a night off in net.

There is my hypothetical Round 4, I am fully aware this could be mostly wrong but I believe a few of these guys go this round anyway had fun writing it hope you enjoy reading it. See you at the draft tonight. 

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