Playoff Teams Quick Look

Here is a quick look some stats from the teams currently in the playoffs. Just a quick reminder that I am an idiot, and this is just a game.

#1 Dumpstars vs #8 Chiefs

Unless Giroux can play everywhere this may be a quick series. The only shot the chiefs have is if their forwards all have good availability and the 2nd line scrubs can steal one.

#2 Area 51 vs #7 Mud Dogs

Last year’s Mud Dogs these are not and it is way too early in the playoffs for Shotsy to choke…

#3 Trucks vs #6 Alcohooligans

The trucks have been a wild ride this season. I think if they all sit in the locker room, have a team meeting and just all pinky promise to show up for the series they should roll this one. Shrimp has been suspiciously quiet lately hopefully the trucks can end it before he gets rolling.

#4 MAW vs #5 Joes

On paper not sure how the Joes made it here but alas here we be. Memphis needs to come out hot and just clamp the Joes, if they let them hang around you may see an upset.

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