Season 11 players Captains should not overlook in the Draft.

Hello everybody I figured I would try something here with the league. Back in the day I used to be a very committed person in creating media articles for virtual leagues. My first season in NZHL has been a very fun one and I feel it has put a little bit of passion back in me that I have not had for virtual hockey in a while. With the new draft format coming in season 11, things will be very interesting when it comes to team building. Now we all know who are the elite stars in this league and which we guys will go in early rounds. There are names that maybe not every captain knows about or names that are signing up for the first time this season. I am going to make up a little list of the names I see signed up that I did not see last season. Now maybe they played here before and I am not aware of it but I am going to give this a try. Hope you all enjoy and please feel free to show any feedback whether positive or negative. I enjoy criticism 😀 so without further or due let’s get to it.

Hendyshole (Goalie)

Now I will be honest I am sure this guy is on a few teams’ radars but for the teams who do not know or have not heard of him at all here is little information about him. He played in the LGNCAA league where he posted a 14-1 combined record between the regular season and postseason. His team won the inaugural NCAA championship. In the regular season hendy went 10-0 with a .853 save % and a 2.00 GAA giving up only 20 goals on 136 shots faced. I understand the LG TC league is not a very skilled league but some talented names do make their way down and being a goalie in that league the defense that plays in front of you can be suicide and you want to hang yourself. I am not sure what round I would project him to be at but if he can do this in a TC league imagine the potential he has playing on a well built roster.

Skirata (Center/Defense)

I doubt this guy is flying under the radar but I need to state the obvious with this player. This guy is a solid defenseman, as a Center I am unknown but he is a good 6’s player so Center might not be an issue. If you wanna know what this guy can do well he carried Jon in LG last season lol. Skirata recently just came off a finals appearance in UHL where he lost in 7 games. Skirata posted a 14-7 record with 20 points for Hamilton of the LGCHL last season. He is a career 30 games above .500 in his LG career. Hamilton failed to make the playoffs but that’s none of Skiratas fault as he would be a fine addition to any team.

xG Green (LW/Fwd)

57 points in 24 games on the Memorial cup winning team in LG last season. This guy is a good player and. Green went 20-3-1 in the regular season and 6-0 in the playoffs. Not sure why only 6 playoff games were played but maybe because Chicoutimi was an elite wagon rolling teams to the cup he did not need to play many games?. Not really sure where he was on the depth chart but even if he was a 3rd liner in LG he definitely will be a top 4 forward on a team in the NZHL. The only thing that hurts his interest in early rounds is he is a PT player but he has a high chance for 2 wins a week.

XlxCHAZ 19xlx ( Left wing/all)

Good late round team depth pick, nothing amazing or game changing. Chaz shows some offensive upside to his game though. Chaz put up 48 points in 24 games for Hamilton. He is only signed up as a PT player but if teams are looking for a deep roster player this is not a bad choice.

G00N (Center/Defense)

Another member of the LGNCAA championship team. I have had G00N as my partner when I ran a CHL team and I will say he is a solid guy who plays the game well and is not toxic. G00N scored 31 points in 9 playoff games as a Center and is a very solid defenseman as well. With him being FT this guy should not be left on the board too long. I see this guy looking solid on a contending squad.

Dangski l94l (Right Wing/Center)

Here is a name from the old days of LG. I have not seen Dangs play in a while but when he did play he could really put up the points. Not really sure what he has been up to these past few years but if Dangski is playing in a competitive 6’s league again this is not a bad pick in the draft. His last full LG season was season 22 where he had 22 goals and 35 assists in 19 games played. Keep an eye on where this guy is in your later rounds.

Kibberts77 (Defense/Goalie)

Stud D man here. Too bad he is part time cause this is a solid defenseman who is very good at protecting the puck and contributing on the scoresheet. He hasn’t suffered many losing seasons at all in his career. I doubt he will stay long on the draft board but he can only give you 2 games but it is well worth it if it gets you 2 W’s for sure.

Mooseballs04 (Center/Left Defense)

Unfortunately another part time player but a solid forward nonetheless. Over 30 games above .500 in 4 AHL seasons played. Last season he scored 27 with 23 helpers in 19 games. The knock I will say about Mosse as he racks up the turnover numbers a lot but if his offense can outweigh those problems for 2 games a week why not give this guy a roster spot.

These are just a few names I noticed. Yes I am aware I may have left names off this list that might slip under the radar but If I do not know them how could I write about them anywho hope you all enjoyed the read. Just doing a little of my part to make the league a competitive one 🙂.

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