Opening Night of the Rookie Showcase

Rookie Showcase Night 1

Notredame 830LWSmokeout907
ROT xKillshotRWF3rr3ira SR
Flare x|18|CSkirata
RakLDPGH Reaper
Gurkle GurkleRDTh3 Zoso
TurkGEpic Gator
Lineups for Game 1

Game 1

The night starts off strong with a big hit on Reaper. The 1st possession for MAW showed some great vision by KILLSHOT and some strong cycling. Skirata had a few takeaways for the Joes to end the cycle but was unable to capitalize. MAW came in strong with some solid patience from KILLSHOT but was ended with a force to the middle.

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The MAW forwards struggled to make some easy passes in the neutral zone which seemed like the only positive for the Joes to start.

Gurkle made some great plays in the D zone before trying to bury it in his own net. Who can really blame him Turk deserved it.

In the early back and forth the Joes seem to straight line it alittle too much and hold which the MAW D generally were able to make quick work of. MAW was strong in the time of possession to start but seem to like to either force it or skate through the goalie both were unsuccessful to start.

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Gurkle held down the D in the back and was able to spring his boys forward. The MAW forwards were able to LT around and keep the cycle eventually drawing a tripping penalty. MAW owned the powerplay and eventually were able to bury one due to some patience by KILLSHOT and a nice pass out front for NotreDame to bury. To end the period there was a pickpocket int the faceoff which cause the Joes to take a late penalty. 1-0 MAW.

To start the seconds MAW was dominating puck possession. MAW gets stuck missing some easy passes through the Joes D who was just all over the place. The Joes were eventually able to get it out, but it was short lived as they were intent on passing it back to the MAW forwards. Finally, NotreDame’s insistence in skating through the goalie pays off with a nice “wrap” from behind the net. This is followed by Obi’s screen in the way as he tries to handle being on a stream alone… Not sure what happened but as the screen comes back in time to see NotreDame make Gator look silly on a breakaway.

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KILLSHOT shows some good patience, but Gator makes an incredible save to try and help his team come back. Joes are able to take advantage and spring a forward, but he is caught from behind by Gurkle and loses the chance. Joes’ penalty trouble continues as they take another silly trip. The MAW forwards continue their dominance in the o zone but are hampered by the need to take some silly backhands on open shots.

MAW has some sparks with a great give and go between notredame and flare but gator is able to come up big. The Joes team seems pretty insistent on passing it right to MAW and struggle to get anything going. A silly pass by Reaper leads to MAW settling in the ozone which ends with Rak scoring from the point. It gets a little testy towards the end of the second with a lot of bodies banging around.

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The MAW forwards keep getting behind the D and Notre Dame gets off on a breakaway. He tries to be a little too fancy and stop but gator is able to make the save. A terrible and/or unlucky chop back into the zone right to a waiting KILLSHOT ends the period with a goal for MAW 5-0.

Joes are getting dominated right now and need to get some energy to make this respectable. The period starts with obi half screening us again… Not sure what happened but did see ND try to skate through the goalie once again. Can’t really say much as he does have a hatty. Joes show some life but struggle to shoot quick enough and are making Turk look like he knows what he’s doing. A penalty by KILLSHOT gives the Joes a powerplay.

Skirata is trying his darndest but is struggling with little support as he throws one around the boards to no one. The PP ends with little pressure from Joes. Skirata is finally able to break out and get one passed Turk as the D man pokes it off his stick and through the goalie ruining Turks dream run.

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Reaper is caught sleeping at the wheel but gator bails him out. Back to back wide open shots by ND and KILLSHOT end with gator stuffing them both. Nice block by ND starts a break away and after skating into the goalie he is able to recover the puck and bang it home for his 4th on the night.

Killshot getting feisty again and takes another pim giving the Joes another shot at the PP. Seems like MAW had more time on attack there shorthanded. MAW able to take advantage of the momentum and score on a nice give from flare to ND for his 5th.  7-1 MAW. The game ends on 5-3 for Joes but not enough time to do much. Joes need to really get it together before the next game

Game 1 ends 7-1 with NotreDame scoring 5, Killshot and Flare each have a goal and 2 assists.

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Every goal by NotreDame

Game 2

Notredame 830LWSmokeout907
ROT xKillshotRWF3rr3ira SR
Flare x|18|CTH3 Zoso
RakLDPGH Reaper
Gurkle GurkleRDTurk
MJPGEpic Gator

A couple subs coming into game 2 with MJP coming into net for Maw. Turk replaces Skirata and moves to RD and TH3 moves up to Center for the Joes.

Game starts with some bad passes all around leading to a circle jerk in the neutral zone finally controlled by MAW. ND able to forecheck get the puck along the boards. Holds it with patience behind the net before hitting Flare in front to give MAW the lead. MAW holding it strong in the O zone with some solid movement.

A nice cut in front by KILLSHOT but is turned away by Gator. With that there goes Reaper dropping from the game.

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BREAKING NEWS it is reported that Reapers power went out…

Joes gets an early pp to try and even this game up. The compy already making an immediate difference in this game. In Obis terrible commentary we get the word “discomfuckulated” which to be honest explains what I am watching. As I type this ND with steal and an easy backhand finish to put MAW up 2. Joes cannot get any time on attack as they seem to skate in and force it center. They need to come up with a new plan. Skating it offside every time is probably not it.

Joes finally get it in the zone make more then one pass and look at that a slapper tipped in by F3rr3ira for Joes first goal. With some lessons learned Joes try the whole hold the puck thing and get a great chance with the winger shooting it directly into the goalie’s chest.

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Who does this rook think he is? That’s my move.  

The first ends 2-1 MAW with Joes making up some ice time at the end of the game.

The 2nd doesn’t start the way joes want with a wrister from the point leaving a juicy rebound for MAW to bury. Smokeout comes big with the forecheck and steals one in the Ozone, he is able to bury it through MJP.

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Maw goes back on the offensive with some great neutral zone movement to get a clean entry. ND dangles and is able to hit KILLSHOT for a wide open 1-T which he immediately put 6.75’ to the right of the net gotta love EA.

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Average Joes D sans Reaper seems to be picking up late in the period. Rak with a great steal leads to a break away which is ended by ND throwing it across the net to no one. An attempted dump is picked off by gurkle who quickly moves it to KILLSHOT who throws up ice to a streaking ND who has his Breakaway snuffed out by Gator. Gator holding the Joes in this at this point. The MAW recover and start their cycle that is quickly picked by F3rr3ira who streaks down the ice. He is back checked by ND who quickly throws a Hail Mary to KILLSHOT streaking. The zone entry is clean it is dropped off to Flare who drops it to ND. The 1-T from the slot is saved by Gator who is standing on his head. The period ends with RAK the goon shinpadding the Joes who get a nice shot block. 3-2MAW.

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Rak getting ready for some Rooks

The 3rd period starts with an icing and Obi screaming something about Randy Johnson. The joes get an incredible give and go started by Turk but carried through by Smoke and Zoso. Unfortunately MAW is able to make the save, Gurkle picks it up in front and MAW goes the other way quickly. KILLSHOT carries it down the right boards before walking out in front and burying it early in the 3rds for a 4-2 lead.

Gurkle locking down the RD for MAW all night with several takeaways and a stick lift that didn’t cause a penalty. Joes is able to get a steal in the D zone and get it ahead f3rr3ira who dances around and snipe MJP to make 4-3with half the period to go. MAW is deep in the Joes zone and a couple passes behind the net lead to ND coming away with it wide open in the front for an easy burry.

The momentum seems to be going MAWs way as KILLSHOT almost passes it through gator late in the third. Joes unable to get it out of their zone and MAW unable to bury wide open in front of the net. A late push by F3rr3ira has him poke it through MJP as he tried to cover. 5-4 MAW with 20 seconds to go but the game ends quietly.

We have F3rr3ira with a hatty for Joes and ND with a hatty for MAW. Flare has a strong 4 point game for maw and Zoso movingup to forward come up with 2 assists in a much close game between the two teams.

Last Thoughts

Real tough night for the Joes and Gator held them in it. The best rookie Joe had to be F3rr3ira especially in the last game. He didn’t quit and kept trying eventually breaking out late in game 2. Skirata worked hard the first game but that momentum at the end didn’t allow for much.

For MAW I think all the forwards looked solid, I expect a lot of shots and a lot of garbage goals from NotreDame going forward. I think Killshot did a great job slowing the offense down and holding the puck. Gurkle back on right D also should get a shout out he was able to handle most of what the Joes had to offer throughout both games.

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