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NZHL Transaction Report March 6/2023

We finally got some spicy trades this week. Week 1 was very slow in the transaction department but now we get some action. Some teams shipped big names out while other teams stood pat. I will break down all the deals and what it means for the teams moving forward and who won the deal and who lost. So without further ado lets get to the deals.

MEMPHIS MAKE A WISH ACQUIRE: Shieldzzzy, Jpizzle and Mini 2103

SMOKIN BEERZ ACQUIRE: Kempe 9 and Clarke x 92

Memphis Make a Wish report

This trade is a real head scratcher. I am going to assume that Memphis finally started to realize what I had been saying for a while now they need a game changer offensively. No question they got one of the best scorers to help them offensively but it came at the cost of shipping out their main defensive players. My question is who is playing defense on this team now?. I have heard things like Rak and Mynt will play more defense for this team now but we got to be honest here. Does a defensive pair of Mynt and Rak sound like they can shut down a top line of Hoots, Kush and Moose or Shotsy?. Can they shut down a line of Ledvinka, Nero and Fullsend? How about Miller and Willy?. I am sure you can see the point I am making right now. This team in my mind wins this trade no doubt but did Memphis maybe have gone and focused more on being a better scoring team that they now have aborted the defensive side of the game?. Time will tell but Shieldzzzy is a game changer no doubt and will be a huge welcome to the team. Memphis also added J pizzle who is a solid goaltender and could excel with a change of scenery. They also receive Mini, do not have much knowledge of Mini but I would assume it was for Beerz to unload a roster spot.

Smokin Beerz report

I will give the Beerz the benefit of the doubt that this might have been the best offer they had on the table to move out 28 million dollars and make a trade but with all due respect I don’t think this was it. You unloaded your top full time offensive weapon and your top goaltender and got 2 okay defenseman. I just don’t see what the plan is here. Sure you might play a little better defensively but now where is the scoring coming from?. Vengy and Green is a stud combo on offense but they only can play 2 games a week for you. Where this team sits in the standings a Green and Vengy may give you the best chance for 2 wins a week but this team needs to start putting 4 win weeks together to give them a shot of climbing out of the basement and making the playoffs. Like what is the strategy for this team now? Win games 3-2 or 2-1?. I can’t imagine this team is going to really blow games wide open with their offense. I would have maybe waited till you got fair value back for your package.



Memphis Make a Wish report

This will not be the last time that you see Memphis in a trade tonight lol. Memphis acquires MyntMars from the Lions and the narrative of “ Needed more scoring “ becomes more indicative with this move but it costs them another defender. So like I said the last trade your plan is now to throw players who are more known to be offensive back on the point and believe that the offense can outscore your problems defensively and I am just not sure that is the strategy you want. No way am I discrediting what Mynt can do in games but can Mynt be a shut down guy on defense?. Ghost didn’t really have a great impression on the team which is a shame cause his contract is a steal and I believe he still has some good hockey left in him still. No question you look at the roster on paper that the names on the Make a Wish roster are more sexy to look at but I will be very intrigued what the scores of these games will be moving forward as they went from a team who were built to win a 3-2 or 4-3 game to a team that is built to win a 6-5 and 7-6 game. Not a fortune reader but you usually don’t wanna play in run and gun shootouts in video chel cause it can burn you.

Casterly Rock Lions report

The Lions knew they would take a loss on this deal but I believe they dealt with unhappiness from the players’ side of things. The Lions had a very rough week only getting 3 points out of the possible 12 that were available. They currently see themselves on the outside of a playoff spot but this management group is resilient and will bust their asses off to fix the ship. They get JON which I believe was a player they took because of history and knowing what they will get as well as Ghost who gives them another defender to dress. Moving out 10 million and getting fair value for a player like Mynt was always going to be tough. The Lions do relieve some cap space so there is some space for another move possibly but at this time I don’t see what move they can make without subtracting from their roster to improve. The Lions added Dethmaul off waivers early in the week so maybe they are looking to make a move with one of their goaltenders this week? Time will tell. The Lions need to get their play straight on the ice and replacing a guy like Mynt with Jon on forward will be quite the change.



Memphis Make a Wish report

This headline should have read “ Memphis Trade Center “ lol. This one you could see coming though as they acquired Pizzle with a 10 million cap hit. Squirt was most likely the guy you saw getting moved as he ate the most cap. Furry at 2 million cheaper is not a bad deal and Furry has played defense all season on the Chiefs and I would say was one of the most steady blueliners so far this season. This roster has gone through the most change without a doubt. But was it too much and too fast?. I believe this trade is a good one for Memphis as they should give Furry some games up front and let him loose a little. Not much more to say they had to unload the cap and they brought in a guy they knew.

Charlestown Chiefs repot:

It was quite obvious when they released Dethmaul in the middle of the week that this team was looking. Boone played goalie the last 4 games for the Chiefs and went 2-2 and played very well in the wins against the Trucks but I don’t think this is the long term plan the Chiefs want. Boone would be more valuable as a skater. Squirtshirt will now come to a team who have had their issues defensively and now without Furry on their backend it might get a little more tough. OG Beta and Furry looked like a defense pairing that might be what the Chiefs have wished for but now who is coming back on D?. A lot more questions than answers for the Chiefs as they once again suffered some blowout losses this week and Squirt is a solid goalie but maybe will be relied on to carry too much weight. Personally I don’t think goaltending will get better on this squad until this team can figure out how to play consistent defense as a 5 man unit. 


Casterly Rock Lions waive: Dangski 94

I assume it was not working out with the numbers being not what the team needs but maybe a new team and some more offensive skill to help him get back to his old form could be what the doctor ordered. At 1 million dollars this is an addition that has no risk really and is worth seeing what he does in 2 games for your team at least.

Smokin Beerz waive: xScaryTwerryxx and mjay

Smokin Beerz call up: Gurkle Gurkle

The roster carousel I believe will be an ongoing story with this team. Gurkle has shown small moments of being a guy who can contribute to a team but has yet to put it all together yet but with the absence of Shieldzzzy now they dig into their TC pool. Not too familiar with mjay so I apologize for that but I do not see Terry sitting too long on waivers as there will be a team that will claim him for only a million dollars.

Alcohooligans call up: Khaos Mouth

Jake for some reason has now been traded and waived now and part of me believes it is due to his commitment to play the game and that I understand. Shrimp needs active players so my guess he is an active player.

Those were all the deals that went down once games ended for Week 2. Can’t wait to see what other moves get made but for now take care and see you next week where I am sure there will be some more new deals to talk about.

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