NZHL Draft Recap

Well boys the draft finally came and went and boy what a draft it was. It surely did not disappoint. We had our fair share of reaches and even a blockbuster trade that shook the entire league. Now that our rosters are all set, join me as a breakdown of every team and evaluate their biggest hits, misses and wtf was that lol.

Average Joe’s   (Captains: Epicgatorstv & Trocity V)

The Joes kicked off the draft and to no surprise to all of us they ended up taking the best full-time player in Shield…… cough cough excuse me Brandon. Listen I do not want to go on and on about this more than I already have with Gator before the draft when he suggested to me he was not going to take Shieldzzzy and I called him crazy then. Even if he may not be the best fit for you, you take him and either play him or get a package like a certain team did which we will talk about later. I like Yates but paying him 10 million is silly. You could have got a guy like Mistrbruin with your 2nd round pick and Yates cheaper in the third. I like Hedman for a million that is a great deal and Ember is not a bad guy to throw in the goal to give Gators the night off. One thing I will knock about this roster is that this team looks very weak on the backend. Hopefully Brandon can light the lamp up alot for this squad on almost every night.

Smokin’ Beerz   (Captains: NickyFattss & iWantMyTotz)

To their biggest surprise they see Shieldzzzy on the board at 2. They do the smart thing and select him. Getting Vengy and Green was really good as they have lots of chemistry together and will cook for 2 games a week I would think. Getting Terry late for a million dollars is a great bargain. I am a little interested in what these line combos will look like and who Shields will be playing with in most of his nights. Jpizzle is a solid goaltender and TP for 4 million hey you can not complain there. I have my concerns with this roster having 14 roster players. How are they going to schedule this with only 6 games a week?. Also want to mention that Gurkle really played well in his showcase games and I am looking forward to seeing how he does in the season.

Memphis Make a Wish  (Captains: HunchoMikeyy & Rakkarak)

Now we have a team that just threw us all for a curveball. I predicted they would take defense cause you already had 2 solid players up the middle but they selected Kush. I was like ok I understand Kush is an elite player and I do not hate the pick. Then they selected G00N in the second round and said to myself “ Okay I F%$#@ with it “. But then BOOOOM they flip those two players for Osswald and Kempe and have the whole league scratching their heads. I don’t know guys I love ya’ll but I think if you could have a chance at this you would take a mulligan lol. I predicted their pick would be Hubbs and I think he is better then these 2 defenseman they traded for. I look at the roster and I will admit Jon has thumbs and can play the game but who is the game changing scorer on this team? I am not gonna rip on my boys and doubt them but man when they get behind in games who is gonna step up?. Squirt is a solid goalie and a solid dude and my boy Ghost brings some championship pedigree for a million dollars. And Krejci could be a steal at his price.

Casterly Rock Lions  (Captains: ThePloop & Rubberducky x 41)

The Elephants are no more 🙁. However, Ploop and Ducky decided to build their own squad together. When you have solid players like these 2 as your captains it is no surprise they select the best FT defenseman in the draft. Hubbs is a stud. Getting Mynt late in round 2 was also crazy that he fell that far. Kibberts getting added to this team was a steal. Kariya as the goalie is a bit of a mystery to me as it can either pay off big or blow up horribly. The thing I like is their late round picks of Dangski, Jakebuff and Ders costing a total of 3 million on the cap. I am aware that Jake is not a consistent cheler right now so that will be something to keep an eye on. I see this team being very stingy in games as they will be tight checking and low scoring most nights.

Charlestown Chiefs  (Captains: Boone & Manny)

Giroux still on the board at 5?. It must be faith for Boone and he does not hesitate taking him. It will not be fun for a defender to go up against this guy. I will be fully honest I do not know a lot about most of these guys they have on the roster but Fighta in Round 2 was a solid selection and Dethmaul at 3 million is a great price for a goalie. Boone went and got the commissioner on his team so expect some bones thrown the Chiefs way in the future 🙂 just kidding haha. All jokes aside, Furry can play. Manny is a solid player and Boone really took a big step up last season in contributing to a ship. No one really knows what we will get from OG this season but I am sure if it fails we will get some great popcorn material. Curious to see what they put as their top line on this team.

Mud Dogs (Captains: Maserati & Coharent Killer)

The Dawgs are back!. Kind of, Maserati decided to run the name back and I can’t wait for Banner night 🙂. I will admit that taking Gagoots over Willy or Ledvinka was a shock. It is nothing against Goots just in my opinion there were better options out there. Shocked to not see Yates on this team after Masi held a grudge on me for trading him last season haha. Killswitch is back after playing his heart out and earning him a couple more million in his next deal lol. ACG in Round 5 is an absolute steal and I really like the Skirata pick although I believe he will play more defense as this team is pretty much set up in the middle. Frosty with Goots will be a scary combo on most nights and Purp will do an awesome job making sure the bottles are kept filled 😂. Looking forward to seeing Masi do the dogs proud. 

Tottenham Trucks  (Captains: Turk & Marty)

Teams are gonna hate playing this squad this season. You look at this roster and you go oh F$#&&. When your captains are 2 of the top 10 defenseman in the league you know where they will go in Round 1 and Willis is available at 7. Willy was a force last season and will love knowing who is behind him. Mistrbruin getting paid 6 million is a steal when he should have gone in Round 2. Miller filling out this top forward line is looking solid. Teams letting Disney fall to Round 6 is shocking and Pens and Kieran as the tandem in goal. There is not much negativity I can say about this squad but if I really had to nitpick one thing I think they could have passed on flare and found a better option late in the draft like a Hedman or a Scaryterry. I expect this squad to be very competitive this season if availability is good.  

Alcohooligans  (Captains: Shrimp & Geezer)

Okay before I start I need to point out the amount of reading content we got out of Shrimp and CN hating each other was insane so seeing CN on this roster at 6 million is hilarious. What happened between then and now?. I predicted what this team’s first 2 picks would be in the draft and even though it was not the right order it was the same 2 guys. Now I am not trying to sound like a jack-ass when I say out of the top names left on the board at 8, would any of the names better than Coach would have even played for Shrimp after the disastrous season last time? It’s a good question. However Toe Dragons is a solid price at 10 million. I will admit not being aware of Elmer. Boston is solid at 4 million. Floppywhalemeat is an elite GT as well. I look at this team and I ask myself if they have enough to compete every night. Time will tell with this team but this roster could surprise the league. 

Dumpstars  (Captains: SeidEffect & Fullsend)

The Dumpstars are back. After having a let down playoffs last season, Rookies decided to take another kick at the can. Ledvinka sitting on the board at 9 still is crazy and with no hesitation they run to the podium. I totally forgot about Helen Cheller being in the draft and that was a great 2nd round pick. Nero for 6 million is a steal. Love the three part time picks in a row in Gronk, Gecko and Chaz. I understand this team had availability issues last season and why the roster has 12 players on it but I think that could hurt them some nights when having to play these bottom roster guys at least 2 games a night. This will be another competitive squad no doubt just kind of think this squad should be shortened by a couple guys but that is just my opinion.

Area 51  (Captains: Hoots & Shotsy)

The other team that participated in the blockbuster trade. I was very skeptical when their B2B picks were Osswald and Kempe as those picks did not scream Hoots to me lol. Little did any of us know a bigger plan was already set. Kush centering Hoots and Shotsy will be a tough line to defend and if that is not hard enough a couple nights a week they will have Perf up front lol. Teams letting Moose Balls drop to this team was a shock. Hey guys Kush and Moose play together in LGAHL. G00N and Oddguy will be solid on the blueline for the squad as well. Lots of expectation for this team and the biggest surprise is the captains trusting me to hold the fort in net lol. At least I am a cheap movable contract if things go sour haha and at least Shotgun can grab 2 W’s if the team needs them lol. Iverson is a wild card and if the attitude can stay in check he is a good player. If this squad gets solid goaltending this team could be one the tops in the standings. I am looking forward to the challenge here boys 🙂.

Well boys it is 2 am right now for me as I finally finish my homework assignment lol. Once again I really enjoy doing this stuff again for this league. Hope you enjoy the material as I will continue to pump out more articles as more things happen in the league. Good luck to all the teams this season and I will see you all on the ice. Peace out. 

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