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My Week 3 NZHL Power Rankings

We have now hit the halfway mark of season 11. Lots of interesting things in Week 3 of the league and some shifts in the power rankings as well. So let’s not waste time and get to my power rankings after 18 games played in the season.

  1. Area 51 (Last Week #1)

The Aliens went 4-1-1 last week and stayed on top of the standings. It was not the strongest of schedules for Area 51 but to remain the top team of the league after this week warrants them to stay at 1.

  1. Dumpstars (Last week #2)

The Dumpstars went 5-1 this week with 2 shutout performances as well. The stars have now started to separate themselves from the rest of the pack below them as it has started to become a 2 team race for top spot this season with the Aliens.

  1. Charlestown Chiefs (Last week #5)

The Chiefs had a very offensive week scoring 32 goals in 6 games including a massive comeback victory to win 9-8 in OT to Memphis make a wish. The Chiefs have continued to jump up in the standings and now are ahead of the Trucks as one of the top 3 teams in standings.

  1. Average Joes (Last week #4)

The Joes are on a heater right now. The Joes top line can score and win games but the problem with the Joes becomes their secondary players. Joes had impressive victories over Area 51 and the Trucks this week.

  1. Smokin Beerz (Last week #10)

The Beerz really did a 180 in the league. Maybe Kempe and Clarke were not the problems on their old team. The Beerz went 5-1 and went from a 2 win team to a 7 win team. The Beerz get the Dumpstars and the Chiefs this coming week 4 so can the Beerz keep it up???

  1. Alcohooligans (Last week #8)

The Alcohooligans went 3-3 this week but they got a big 2-1 OT victory over top ranked Area 51. The team was looking to be a better offensive team and I think they did ok scoring 19 goals but they surrendered 25 so defense needs to be a little tighter.

  1. Memphis Make a Wish (Last week #7)

with a 2-3-1 record in Week 3, Memphis scored some goals with 21 this week but the concerns that the rest of the league were mentioning still plagued Memphis as they gave up 31 goals. Rak and Mikey really need to sit down and figure this out because this is becoming an ongoing episode for the league.

  1. Mud Dogs (Last week #6)

The Mud Dogs struggled a bit this week going 2-4. The Dogs did get a nice victory against Tottenham on Thursday and the Chiefs on Friday but they fell a bit in the standings and their playoff spot is not safe.

  1. Tottenham Trucks (Last week #3)

No where you expect to see a Turk and Marty team but the Trucks are struggling these last two weeks. A 1-5 record and 1-8-1 in their last 10. The Trucks are still the best team in goals against but the scoring is running dry. Trucks need to get back to basics or it might be time to make moves.

  1. Casterly Rock Lions (Last week #9)

This must be really tough for Ploop and Ducky to see their team where it is right now. 2-8 in their last 10 and they are struggling to prevent goals. The positive for the Lions is they are only 4 points back of a playoff spot despite their awful play.

Those were my Week 3 power rankings. For some teams who need to take a breath and reset the fact that we have 2 weeks till the next puck drop must be nice. Hope you enjoyed the read. Enjoy your St.Patty’s everyone.   

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