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My Week 2 NZHL Power Rankings

Week 2 had lots of surprises and its shares of upsets. Teams went up and teams went down. Here are the NZHL Power rankings after week 2.

  1. AREA 51 (Last week #3)

Only team to go 6-0 this week with 2 wins over the dumpstars. Outscoring their opponents 35 – 14. The Aliens find themselves currently 3 points ahead of the Dumpstars and the Trucks for first place in the NZHL standings. With a much lighter schedule in Week 3 the Aliens could see another impressive offensive week.

  1. DUMPSTARS (Last Week #4)

The Dumpstars had a very tough schedule this week having to play Area 51 and Tottenham this week but were able to collect 5 out of a possible 8 points in the standing in those 4 games. Dumpstars would earn an overtime point against the Aliens but would defeat the Trucks in both their games on Saturday.

  1. TOTTENHAM TRUCKS (Last week #3)

How a week can look different from the last. The Trucks looked like they were gonna remain consistent after another solid defensive performance on Thursday but 4 straight losses to the Chiefs and the Dumpstars saw them losing their top spot in the standings and power rankings. The Trucks who were praised for their defensive structure were outscored 20-19 this week.

  1. AVERAGE JOES (Last week #10)

Probably the greatest jump up in power rankings from a week ago I have ever seen. The Joes went 5-1 finishing their week on a 5 game winning streak. The Joes took a game from Make A Wish, then proceeded to sweep the Alcoholigans and the Rock Lions. The Joes were the most offensive team in Week 2 scoring 36 goals in 6 games and only giving up 18. 

  1. CHARLESTOWN CHIEFS (Last week #7)

They might not have had a very solid week but compared to the rest of the teams I have them at 5. The Chiefs were the first team to defeat the Trucks this season. Lots of talk about how this team is not working as a defensive unit with losses to teams like the Beerz and Alcohooligans by very one sided scores still hover around this club though.

  1. MUD DOGS  (Last week #9)

The Mud Dogs improved on last week going 4-2 with victories over The Lions and the Beerz, A poor showing on Friday against the Aliens keeps them at the bottom portion of the power rankings however. The Mud Dogs show glimpses of talent on some nights and show poor play other nights. 

  1. MEMPHIS MAKE A WISH (Last week #5)

The offensive problems that plague this squad came center stage once again. Make a wish was outscored 24-12 this week. Only averaging 2 goals a game is not gonna put your team on the winning side much in a season. Make a wish did make some trades this weekend so we will see if the team has improved their offensive game in Week 3.

  1. ALCOHOOLIGANS (Last week #9)

Alcohooligans did get 2 victories over the Chiefs on Saturday but 2 losses to the Joes and Trucks has them moving only 1 spot in the power rankings from last week. The Alcohoooligans can score but defending was an issue as they were outscored 22-20. Shrimp really believes this team is built on chemistry and that will need to kick in this coming week as they have the Lions, Dumpstars and Area 51 this week.

  1. CASTERLY ROCK LIONS (Last week #2)

What a fall down the list the Lions took this week. Going 1-4-1 this week. The Lions had a very competitive week 1 but this week they were outscored 27-14 this week. Every team has its bad weeks but being a team of players that really pride themselves in being a 2 way style of a team really took it hard this week. Lions have traded a top forward off the team for a couple of pieces that hopefully can fix their problems. 

  1.  SMOKIN BEERZ (Last Week #8)

Taking the spot in the very end of the basement is the Beerz. Also going 1-4-1 the Beerz had their issues all week with defensive play as they gave up 29 goals in 6 games, they did score 24 goals and did get a big 8-2 victory over the Chiefs and got an OT point over the Dumpstars. Unfortunately the Beerz have shipped out their top goalie and forward looking for a more defensive approach so It will be interesting to see how this team looks offensively moving forward.

Well there you have it boys. My power rankings after week 2. Some may not agree and that is all right. Hope you all enjoyed the read and good luck to all of you in Week 3. 

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