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My Week 1 NZHL Power Rankings

Week 1 is in the books and what a week it was. We have an undefeated team after 6 games and no surprise who it is when we get to the rankings. So sit back, read along and here are my Week 1 power rankings.

  1. TOTTENHAM TRUCKS (Last week #1)

This comes to no surprise but when you are the only team to go 6-0 in a week you deserve to be the top team in the rankings. The trucks are a force, giving up the least amount of goals with 11 and beating teams like the Lions and the Aliens. The rest of the league will need to step up their play to knock this wagon off their pedestal.

  1. CASTERLY ROCK LIONS (Last week #3)

They had one of the tougher schedules this week and even though they finished 3-2-1 they played some tough games against the Trucks and Dumpstars. They finish their week with a 3 game win streak beating the offensive powerhouse in the Dumpstars both games on Saturday

  1. AREA 51 (Last week #2)

The Aliens get bumped down a spot after taking 2 defeats from the Trucks on Friday. Good victories vs the Chiefs and the Beers but Rock Lions beating the Dumpstars and with strength of schedule has me putting Lions ahead of Area 51.

  1. DUMPSTARS (Last week #4)

Averaging 5 goals a game are the Dumpstars who were clearly the top offensive squad in Week 1 but I keep them at 4th because beating the Joes does not really boost their ranking to me. 

  1. MEMPHIS MAKE A WISH (Last week #8)

Memphis jumps up 3 spots but that should not be something to celebrate as the rest of the teams below them were mediocre or worse. Only scoring 1 more goal then they gave up with 2 victories against the Mud Dogs and 1 one against Alcohooligans.

  1. ALCOHOOLIGANS (Last week #9)

 They were able to get a split on all 3 nights and remain consistent compared to the teams lower on the list. I put Memphis ahead of them because they lost a game to the Mud Dogs and Memphis.

  1. CHARLESTOWN CHIEFS (Last week #7)

A tough overtime victory against the Lions has the Chiefs at 7. The biggest issue for this team is defense. They have one of the best offensive players but their defenders skate like logs and have no situational awareness.

  1. SMOKIN BEERZ (Last week #5)

The Beerz had a very rough week 1 and never seemed to get it on track. Quite easily the team who gave the trucks their best fight this week and a win over the Alcohooligans has me putting them in the 8th spot. 

  1. Mud Dogs (Last week #6)

The Mud Dogs had a better start to their season then last season so that is a positive. The Negative is when  2 of your 3 victories are against the Joes it does not mean nothing. They mean points in the standing but I will not count any victories against the Joes in power ranking moves until the Joes show me differently.

  1. Average Joes (Last week #10)

Who is surprised?. They can’t play defense and the Offense is like playing in drop-in games. Only team to be shut out twice this week and if things do not improve the Joes might wanna buy real estate here at the 10 spot.

Hope you enjoyed my Week 1 power rankings. Good luck to you all in Week 2. 

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