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My Pre-season Power Rankings for Season 11

We are 2 days away from the first puck drop of the new NZHL season and what better way to get the juices flowing than my first edition of the power rankings after the draft. These are strictly my opinions and I will not be butt hurt if someone does not agree and try to roast me lol so without further or due here are my rankings from 10-1.

10) Average Joes

Sorry Gator love ya but this roster has me putting you 10th. Passing on Shieldzzzy for Brandon is bold especially that this roster has a few of your guys from your LG team and you sit last place in the Q of the CHL. This team looks weak on the blueline and Gators will need to make 15+ saves a game for this team to have a chance. 

9) Alcohooligans

I have this team at 9 because I will admit the roster is a mystery to me, Coach and Toe will do well together but I feel this team should have gotten 1 more good defense man. Not really sure what the top line looks like on this team but I said this team could surprise us but right now I have this team in the bottom half.

8) Memphis Make a Wish

They might not like this but as of today this is where I got this group. Trading away one of the top forwards away for 2 decent defensemen I sit and look at this team and can not help but to cringe at the fact that Thanx goalie and Jon are your top wingers. I love Mikey and Rak but I don’t see this team lighting up the score sheet against tougher opponents. Goal tending is solid but my placing comes down to what they present up front.

7) Charlestown Chiefs

I have Boones team at 7 even though they have a top 10 scorer. This team is not bad but I look at defense and I just don’t see their blue line better than the teams ahead of them. This team will put up the offense but how often will they keep the puck out of their net? This team has some wild cards on this roster but for right now I don’t see them better than 7th.

6) Mud Dogs

Coming in 6th are the Mud Dogs, this team is built well but I feel they could have gotten a more game changer then Gagoots. Nothing against Goots but a top scoring winger to play on Masis line could have had a bigger impact. I like their goalie tandem and the blueline is a pretty good looking core. Dogs are a mystery to me but compared to the other squads I got them here.

5) Smokin’ Beerz

Surprising to have a team that has Shieldzzzy to be 5 but I think 5 is right where they should be. No doubt that Shields will be an Art Ross candidate but the question for me is who are his line mates every night for him. They have too many guys and scheduling issues will be a problem. Pizzle is a solid goalie but the guy I see playing the other 2 games I am unaware of. This is a playoff team and will be a good offensive team but lineup consistency hurts this team’s ranking.

4) Dumpstars

A team that if they get good availability from their guys is a top 5 team in the league for sure. This team will have no trouble burying the puck this season. What keeps me from putting this team in top 3 is the question marks of their goal tending. Not sure who they have as their top net minder and needing to play their depth guys on the roster at least 2 games a week takes away from their top guys playing.

3) Casterly Rock Lions

Starting our top 3 are the Lions. Ploop and Ducky are 2 of the top 200 foot players we have in the league. The roster is kept short and looking at a Ploop, Mynt and Ducky line most nights with Hubbs, on the blue line that will be a tough line to find open space to score. Kibberts playing two games is a nice option as well. The thing that makes me put this squad at top 3 is they can slot one of their depth guys in and still keep most of the main guys in the game. Goal tending is a big question mark but this is a top team this season.

2) Area 51

Hoots and Shotsy have one of the deepest rosters in the league, Elite scoring up front and interchangeable players that can play the point as well. Kush, Perf, Moose along with these captains will be a tough beat every night. What holds this team from being #1 is we have no idea what they are going to get from their goal tending. Sandin playing his first season in net getting 4 games a week to start the season will be interesting to keep an eye on. This team will have no problem scoring but if they are not getting a save it would be too much to rely on this squad to score 5-6 goals a night to bail their goal tending.

  1. Tottenham Trucks

I don’t think this comes to a shock to anyone but yup I have them #1. 4 games a week you will see a line of Turk, Marty, Willy, Miller and Bruin. These will be low scoring games and they will suffocate you and keep the open ice to a minimum . The reason they are top in the power ranking is the goal tending. Keiran and Pens are very experienced and have shown success in the past. I predict the trucks finish top 3 in the standings this season and will be a hard opponent in the playoffs.

Well there you have it, looking forward to the many many opinions and comments to my out to lunch rankings lol. Hope you enjoyed the read lol

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