• The Neutral Zone: Season 12 Preview
    Welcome everyone to a very special edition of the neutral zone. It has been a very long time for all my loyal readers. I apologize for my long absence as life has become very busy for me in […]
  • Season 11 Playoffs Community Predictions
    This post contains the results from the NZHL community poll in both graph and chart form (For the smooth brains that can’t read a graph… I’m looking at you thanx). Linked below this is WhoUsedAllTheTP’s quick look at […]
  • Best Value Players in NZHL Season 11
    So with the season coming to a close, I thought I would take a look at 10 players that all had solid seasons, and realistically should have been drafted higher. I also challenged myself to pick 1 from […]
  • Playoff Teams Quick Look
    Here is a quick look some stats from the teams currently in the playoffs. Just a quick reminder that I am an idiot, and this is just a game. #1 Dumpstars vs #8 Chiefs Unless Giroux can play […]
  • Trade Deadline Preview
    We are less than 24 hours away from the NZHL Trade deadline and we have seen some activity but nothing popping off yet. This is the last chance for teams to stack up for a long playoff run […]