CN65’s Season 11 Mock Draft

 After being tasked with doing this mock draft, I won’t lie, I immediately panicked. For those who know me well enough, this is absolutely not a shock whatsoever. I’ve never done anything like this. Honestly, this was the first time taking an in depth look at the draft board. Also not to mention the fact that so many top-end players decided to run teams this season. With that being said, I 100% spent too much time and effort on this (to the point that bare minimum 95% of this will be completely wrong). If you feel any of the picks are reaches, too late, or just flat out dumb picks… don’t blame me, blame the fact that I’ve been busy studying how to make grilled cheese per the requests of Shrimp and OG Beta.

Round 1

#1 Average Joes – Shieldzyyyy (LW)
#2 Smokin Beers – Giroux (LW)
#3 Make A Wish – MyntMars (RW)
#4 Lions – LedvinKa (C)
#5 Chiefs – Toe Dragons (RD)
#6 Mud Dogs – Willis x 97 (LW)
#7 Trucks – CashedKUSH (C)
#8 Alcohooligans – IGaGootsI (C)
#9 Dumpstars – o Riedel o (RW)
#10 Area 51 – X Brandon VI (LW)

Round 2

#11 Area 51 – JHubbs92 (RD)
#12 Dumpstars – thanx goalie (LW)
#13 Alcohooligans – Coach015 (C)
#14 Trucks – J Pizzle 33 (G)
#15 Mud Dogs – Kempe 9 (LD)
#16 Chiefs – Frostynightmare (LW)
#17 Lions – lMiller9l (RW)
#18 Make A Wish – Clarke x 92 (RD)
#19 Smokin Beers – bostonsniper4t4 (LD)
#20 Average Joes – R xYATESx77 (C)

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  1. Furry

    your grilled cheese is juicier than your draft pick takes

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